Kinesis - established since 2001 has almost 20 years of history in Singapore.

Our focus is in 2 areas; Neuromuscular/Stroke Rehab and Orthopaedic / Sports.

We believe in giving our patients the best outcome possible, therefore we search out the latest innovations and combine it with our clinical experiences and knowledge for all our treatment program.

First in Singapore, The bionic leg Tibion, Bioness, foot drop system, the anti-gravity AlterG and Imoove are all found in our Centre.

We are fully aware that no innovation or treatment method can replace the care and communication with our patients, therefore, that will remain our utmost priority.

We will let our patients’ testimonials speak for us.

Kinesis' treatment approaches are based on current scientific researches, blending in with our practitioners' clinical experiences. This form of Evidence based practice allows us to provide you the best and safe musculoskeletal care. Evidence based practice also improves your clinical result and saves cost.

What is Evidence based practice
"Evidence-based practice is the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patient. It means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research" - D.Sackett

We use scientifically validated outcome measures to trace our client's progression. This will be translated to a report that we use to communicate with the referring doctors and professionals

Manual skills are emphasized in our clinic

Touch and feel is important, we use our hands to heal

Always bringing you the latest that technologies can offer.

Making what we do well, do even better
Service & Result

We strive for astonishing result and remarkable outcome, but patient’s experience is just as important to us.
Great Team

Nothing compromise our care for our patients.
We strive to give hope and care for our patients -one by one.
We are committed to your recovery

What Our Clients Say

 "You could not imagine how relieved my maid and I were when we found Kinesis. My husband suffered a stroke 4 years ago, many have told us that he can't improve anymore after so long. With the advance devices  and treatment in Kinesis, my husband is now able to walk for more than half an hour with a improved gait and also his hand functions has returned.

He is able to turn the door knob to open it and also to hold his toothbrush and brush his teeth on his own."    - Mrs Yee, Yishun

 "The Physiotherapists are very nice people, very friendly to talk to, they listen and  take time to examine me and explain my condition to me,  it’s like an hour spent with a friend. I like their AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, after my ankle fracture, I can start my rehab earlier as it allows partial wt-bearing by unweighing me. It's really cool, like moon-walking.

 Also the place is very cosy and nice, feel really relax!"
- Davinia, Bukit Timah