Senior Physiotherapist / Executive Director

Philippe has extensive experience of over 35 years. He was a Volunteer with the Singapore Red Cross and later became the Head of Orthopedic Projects for the International Red Cross Committee. He was Head of Physiotherapy in Geneva University Hospital before coming to Singapore to lead the Physio Department of Tan Tock Seng from 1995 -2000. He was also Deputy Director of Allied Health Services in TTSH from 2000-1. He has extensively published in the ILAR Journal on manipulation and other peer reviewed journals on manipulation and exercise.

He uses cranio-sacral therapy with great success with patients, unlocking body tensions with this gentle technique.

Philippe is immensely popular with his patients because of his great sense of humor and a optimistic outlook of life.

What Our Clients Say

 "You could not imagine how relieved my maid and I were when we found Kinesis. My husband suffered a stroke 4 years ago, many have told us that he can't improve anymore after so long. With the advance devices  and treatment in Kinesis, my husband is now able to walk for more than half an hour with a improved gait and also his hand functions has returned.

He is able to turn the door knob to open it and also to hold his toothbrush and brush his teeth on his own."    - Mrs Yee, Yishun

 "The Physiotherapists are very nice people, very friendly to talk to, they listen and  take time to examine me and explain my condition to me,  it’s like an hour spent with a friend. I like their AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, after my ankle fracture, I can start my rehab earlier as it allows partial wt-bearing by unweighing me. It's really cool, like moon-walking.

 Also the place is very cosy and nice, feel really relax!"
- Davinia, Bukit Timah