Helen graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy. Before moving to Singapore Helen practiced in Bangladesh and her home country Northern Ireland. Previous work has ranged from leading wheelchair sports for patients with spinal cord injuries, rehabilitation for the elderly and as a therapist for rugby teams and endurance athletes.

Helen moved to Singapore 1½ years ago to join the Kinesis team where she enjoys treating all types of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Helen works with a hands-on approach and is trained in Manipulative Therapy. She has always been keen on playing sports and uses this experience to help with treating sports injuries and allow patients to return to their optimal level pain free. Some of these sports include skiing, triathlons, windsurfing, tennis and also yoga which she is qualified to teach following her training in India. Her areas of interest lie in treating musculoskeletal injuries especially shoulder and back pain and also training core stability. She looks at injuries and problems with a holistic view so that all problems are addressed and prevented from reoccurring.

When not working Helen is hard to keep up with whether it is training for the next triathlon, enjoying an evening of wine and cheese or planning the next traveling adventure.

What Our Clients Say

 "You could not imagine how relieved my maid and I were when we found Kinesis. My husband suffered a stroke 4 years ago, many have told us that he can't improve anymore after so long. With the advance devices  and treatment in Kinesis, my husband is now able to walk for more than half an hour with a improved gait and also his hand functions has returned.

He is able to turn the door knob to open it and also to hold his toothbrush and brush his teeth on his own."    - Mrs Yee, Yishun

 "The Physiotherapists are very nice people, very friendly to talk to, they listen and  take time to examine me and explain my condition to me,  it’s like an hour spent with a friend. I like their AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, after my ankle fracture, I can start my rehab earlier as it allows partial wt-bearing by unweighing me. It's really cool, like moon-walking.

 Also the place is very cosy and nice, feel really relax!"
- Davinia, Bukit Timah