First in Singapore

Kinesis Stroke Rehab uses the latest technologically advanced equipment

The bionic leg Tibion - a wearable robotic device to help patients in sit-to-stand, walking and stairs climbing

The ReJoyce upper arm work-station – A motivational therapy using fun computer games

The AlterG is another first - out of this world technology, down to earth results.

A anti-gravity treadmill offers a revolutionary rehab opportunity


The World First wearable Bionic Leg

It frees you from a treadmill to practice on specific tasks like stairs and sit to stand as well as walking

Amazing new technology that defies gravity and gets you moving

The unique unweighting system allows unrestricted mobility for natural gait pattern with its lifting force

A Foot drop system.

Therapeutic as well as an Orthotic for a smoother gait.

Can be used outside the clinic and at home

Allows practice in different hand grasps of daily living

A fun and motivational way to upper arm function recovery

What Our Clients Say

 "You could not imagine how relieved my maid and I were when we found Kinesis. My husband suffered a stroke 4 years ago, many have told us that he can't improve anymore after so long. With the advance devices  and treatment in Kinesis, my husband is now able to walk for more than half an hour with a improved gait and also his hand functions has returned.

He is able to turn the door knob to open it and also to hold his toothbrush and brush his teeth on his own."    - Mrs Yee, Yishun

 "The Physiotherapists are very nice people, very friendly to talk to, they listen and  take time to examine me and explain my condition to me,  it’s like an hour spent with a friend. I like their AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, after my ankle fracture, I can start my rehab earlier as it allows partial wt-bearing by unweighing me. It's really cool, like moon-walking.

 Also the place is very cosy and nice, feel really relax!"
- Davinia, Bukit Timah