My husband had a stroke 2 years ago. He could hardly move his left arm. When we came to Kinesis, the physio let him use the Bioness H200, a functional electrical stimulator, it helped him to gain some movement in his fingers Later he could use the ReJoyce (it has a handle like a joystick that requires finer fingers movement and link to a computer games).He found the therapy fun and exciting and it seemed more like playing computer games, rather than therapy.  - Mrs Goh, Changi

The Physiotherapists are very friendly people, they motivates me by showing me how my exercise treatment can help my problems.
I especially like the Imoove, a moving platform. I couldn't activate some muscles in my injured leg, but whie I am on the Imoove, it forces my muscles to react and therefore start firing. - Ms Kate Lim


I send my mom for stroke therapy in Kinesis. What's great was that my mom can continue her therapy at home everyday as we are able o rent the Bioness L300 for foot drop and the ReJoyce (for are function) home! Though she goes to Kinesis twice a week, she can have therapy everyday!

They are easy to use, and my family members can take turns to help her. - Mr Gordon Pali


Excellent! With the Tibion, bionic leg, my mom can practise going up and down the stairs with it during the stroke rehab.
Now she can do up to her bedroom on her own with the maid beside her. Ms Karen Soo


Very thorough, the physiotherapist was very patient, she spare no effort to get to the bottom of my problems. I loved the AlterG, an anti-gravity treatmill. I am slightly overweight and had back pain. The AlterG carries part of my weight and I am able to walk with ease in it, something I can't do before. - Mr Eugene Song.


My son has spinal cord injury due to an accident. He could not walk properly because he has a foot drop, he drags his foot and trip over, suffered several bad falls. Puting on the Bioness L300 helps him to walk much better, he no longer drags his foot.  - Mrs MacVoon


What Our Clients Say

 "You could not imagine how relieved my maid and I were when we found Kinesis. My husband suffered a stroke 4 years ago, many have told us that he can't improve anymore after so long. With the advance devices  and treatment in Kinesis, my husband is now able to walk for more than half an hour with a improved gait and also his hand functions has returned.

He is able to turn the door knob to open it and also to hold his toothbrush and brush his teeth on his own."    - Mrs Yee, Yishun

 "The Physiotherapists are very nice people, very friendly to talk to, they listen and  take time to examine me and explain my condition to me,  it’s like an hour spent with a friend. I like their AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, after my ankle fracture, I can start my rehab earlier as it allows partial wt-bearing by unweighing me. It's really cool, like moon-walking.

 Also the place is very cosy and nice, feel really relax!"
- Davinia, Bukit Timah